How the Tobin Center was born
Heracles and me: Responding to an object in the SA Museum of Art’s Greek Collection 2011
Dallas Opera / Great Scott, by Jake Heggie and Terrence McNally: A funny thing happened…. Nov. 5, 2015
Photos of the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts
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Classic Theatre / Medea: When the hearth becomes an inferno Nov. 12, 2015
SA Symphony’s new music director: Sebastian Lang-Lessing seeks a sound, connects with local tradition Feb. 22, 2010
Morocco, 2013
SA Symphony, SLL, Inon Barnatan: Sibelius, tender and tough Nov. 21, 2015
The veil
Studio theater
The ordered array of LED lights and the angled faces of the panels came late in the game. 
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Reviews by Diane Windeler
Lives of the sunflowers
Playhouse Cellar/ Of Mice and Men: Dreams crushed by hand Sept. 23, 2015
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Secrets of the veil: How to weave a mantilla
Classic Theatre / Master Class: From La Divina, lessons in being  Sept. 16, 2015
What’s where at  the Tobin:Interactive map with photos
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Bienvenido a San Antonio Exhibit at Urban-15 March, 2015
A case for urban density, Part 2: The high costs of low density August 11, 20114
The Vex / Boeing, Boeing: A job for air traffic control Aug. 25, 2015
SA Symphony 2015-16: An unusually venturesome season March 15, 2015
Zemlinsky Quartet;  Rick Rowley and Brian Lewis: Acquaintance and reacquaintance Nov. 10, 2015
The architecture of the Tobin Center for the Performing ArtsSeptember 14, 2014 
Review: In new downtown stage for the arts, design runs deep
Road trip, 2014
Front lobbies
Where we eat
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Men and their stories
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H-E-B Performance Hall
SA Symphony, SLL, D’Drum: The sound of freedom  Nov. 14, 2015
incident light
‘We have to have a place of our own’: An account of an ugly incident in Chicago, 1975
Olmos Ensemble, Camerata: Team-building, in music and marriage October 29, 2015
Front facade (remnant of 1926 Municipal Auditorium)
Memo to COK: Thanks: Remembering the late editor and publisher July 11, 2013
How the Tobin Center was born